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Signs are great for building and maintaining top-of-mind recognition, i. e. Branding. They are visible and represent your "brand". If your branding is effective they do not need to include detailed position statements they just need to be easy to visually capture and retain your brand.

Signs can be effective at showing endorsements in neighborhoods and by businesses. But be cautious of HOA restrictions. Many HOAs limit or even disallow political signs.

Even where allowed signs can only be displayed subject to certain restrictions. There are limits individual sign sizes and on the aggregate size that can be displayed in any one location. Signs can not be displayed in certain public areas and signs that are displayed improperly can be removed by authorities. In Flagstaff and other cities there are designated Sign Free Zones, See some of the links below for more information.

How to buy signs?

The best way is to visit or call The Print Raven at (928) 773-1105. We will discuss your goals, ask some questions, and help select the appropriate signs for you. We will even help with the design. Just need a few? We can produce as few as one sign or as many as you need. 

Here are some things to know:

Arizona Regulations ARS 16-1019  Look for size restrictions and timing (display times,  removal times, content requirements)

Arizona Elections Procedures Manual Great reference guide from the Secretary of State's office.  

City of Flagstaff Sign Code (political signs are considered temporary signs) Look for Sign Free Zone information

Flagstaff Sign Free Zone Map

AZ Daily Sun article on the Flagstaff sign code