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Programs for Shows, Recitals and Concerts

Preparing a Program or Booklet for Printing

  • Files should be submitted in a pdf format if possible. 
  • Microsoft Word files do not embed fonts and do not carry page settings (margins for example) so when we print from Word documents they may not look the same as what you designed. If you give us a Word file you will get a pdf file as a proof from us. Usually you can save a copy of your Word file in a pdf format.
  • Pages should be in sequential arrangement (i.e. 1, 2, 3 and so forth), even for a saddle stitched booklet (where the paper is folded and stapled in the center of the fold). Our software will place the pages in the correct order when printing. 
  • For best results, all graphics (photos, logos etc.) in the files should have a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. Images downloaded from a web site are usually only 72 dpi and may look pixelated when printed. 
  • In general, we assume there are no bleeds (printing going to the edge of the paper). If you require a bleed, please call us to make arrangements. 
  • For a saddle stitched booklet there will always be a multiple of four pages printed (each sheet of paper will have four pages). If you do not have content for a multiple of four pages consider adding or removing content, or consider where you might want a blank page inserted.
  • Please ask questions early in the design process so that your booklet is the printed exactly the way you want it.

You can bring us your file on a USB drive and we will check it out and discuss options or you can send us your file from here