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Large Posters

Want to make an impression? Need a large point of sale poster? Got a great picture that will decorate your space or a friend's? Need an academic poster? A large custom poster might be just right!

Sometimes Bigger is Better

Large posters are often used for academic or informative presentations, to promote a product or sale at Point-of-Purchase, to promote an event or decorate a room. We can custom print your poster on one of several different materials, from a matte bond material to glossy prints, even satin fabrics and removable adhesives.

We print our large posters with ink, not toner, so you get the best quality images. Our prints are photograph quality printed (up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi) and, best of all, there is no extra charge for color prints! We use genuine HP Photo Inks and print heads to ensure consistent high quality. These components provide a wide color gamut, and fade resistance (fade resistance is of course affected by exposure to light and the local environment).

We can print a great poster for your presentation. A typical academic presentation poster is 44 inches wide by 36 inches tall, printed in full color on a luster (or satin) finish paper. Other materials available include gloss finish paper and a water resistant satin fabric.

Need a way to display your poster? We can mount your poster on foamboard and even add a frame. These are great for presentations! We also have hanging frames so that you can hang your poster from the ceiling!

Here are some of our standard material choices:

Matte bond - a heavy weight paper great for temporary signs and posters. (42 inches)

Satin - provides a luster finish to give a great look but without a strong shiny finish (our most popular selection). Great for academic and point of sale posters. (36 inches)

Gloss - provides an excellent photographic surface finish (too much glare for spaces with bright lighting). (36 inches)

Canvas – excellent for reproducing artwork, artistic photographs and portraits. (36 inches) 

Water Resistant Satin Fabric - This material gives a soft look to the print and works great for point of sale posters and academic posters. This material can be folded for traveling.

We have several other options available including banners and adhesive backed materials – call for details.

Please note that we can not print copyrighted images without written permission. Copyrighted images include, but are not limited to, images of celebrities, images from photographers who wish to retain their copyrights and published material.
How to order:
  • We would be pleased to show you samples and discuss your specific needs on the phone or in person.
  • You can send us your file through our contact page here

You can read more about file formats here.